Stellar fulfils the communications requirements of a diverse set of customers working across numerous vertical markets.

We provide a great range of satellite data services by combining satellites, terrestrial and wireless technologies. For the best success and security Stellar operates with large IP Platforms on several satellites and designed its satellite ground stations with the highest level of redundancy.

Data Services include:

  • IP backbone access and IP aggregation services
  • TDMA VSAT solutions based on several hub systems
  • SCPC solutions
  • GSM backhaul
  • Mobility and offshore solutions for maritime and oil/gas industries
  • Design and implementation of VSAT Networks
  • Provision of satellite capacity

Stellar provides highly secure and reliable IP-over-satellite solutions for governments, NGOs, mobile operators, oil and gas, maritime, aero, mining, media, banks, and numerous other enterprises.

IP trunking is a highly efficient solution to achieve a global reach to connect your business systems, information services, telephone exchanges, Internet, and data centers. We customize your applications and integrate them into the same system.

Internet Protocol applications include IP VSAT Services, bi-directional IP platforms, transit services, SCPC services, VoIP applications, IPTV, and routing.

Stellar's VSAT links are used for the transmission of voice, data and video to both fixed and mobile applications. Small earth satellite stations (VSAT) - one-way or two-way - allow companies and organizations to connect even geographically remote sites and get connectivity in areas where other technologies cannot provide services.

Our VSAT network is flexible to suit requirement of private networks as well as of large enterprises. It can be hub-less or hub-based, partially or fully meshed with a variety of architectures (TDMA, SCPC). Whether you need a point-to-point service for only two sites or a point to multipoint service with several hundreds of remote terminals, the VSAT system is the perfect choice.

Stellar is a reliable partner for Panasonic Avionics, one of the leading providers of global inflight communications. Stellar’s global fiber network makes us the perfect partner for inflight communications, especially when airlines need Internet access from their countries of origin or when they need to broadcast local TV channels.

We operate large IP platforms on several satellites to ensure a seamless connection and secure Internet connectivity during the entire journey. This efficient and flexible solution is based on the hub systems of a variety of known market players and works with the latest technologies.

For critical communications and sensitive data applications, such as VoIP and Video Live Stream, Stellar provides dedicated, fully transparent, and secured connections via our global fiber network.

Our Ethernet Private Circuits are based on DWDM, which enables us to provide services with low latency and jitter. Due to two diverse routes to each PoP your services are protected at all times.

Stellar offers full service for systems integration, both fixed and mobile solutions for satellite communication. Whether you need a temporary solution for your data transmission or a long-term solution for your system, we can implement a customized service wherever you desire.

Our services cover:

  • Implementation of mobile applications for vehicles (SNG)
  • Installation of a fixed earth station
  • Integration into customers service equipment
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