Our primary teleport is in Huerth, Germany, near to Cologne. This 39,000-square-meter facility is elevated with excellent view angles that enable us to build networks on satellites visible at very low elevations.

From here, we can access satellites positioned at 58° West to 75° East orbital location.

Also from the Huerth facility, we operate our own multiprotocol optical fiber network, with multiple 10 Gbps redundant access to all major cities in the world. Additionally we provide TIER-1 Internet directly connected to the Frankfurt Internet Exchange (DE-CIX), currently the largest in the world in terms of traffic volumes. Stellar is also TIER4 certified by WTA.


  • Antennas: 80+
  • Tx antenna size: 2.4 m to 15.2 m
  • Orbital range: 58°W to 75°E
  • Frequency bands: S-band, C-band, Ku-band, Ka-band, DBS band
  • Coverage: Europe, Africa, South America
  • Tx antennas: fully redundant and fitted with de-icing


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