Stellar believes in sustainability and development.

We are convinced that the only way to achieve growth is to invest in our resources and to seize new opportunities. This is why we fulfil our responsibility towards our employees, our customers and other partners.

Click here to download our Code of Conduct. If you have any questions concerning our compliance regulations, please contact our Chief Compliance Officer.

Employee Responsibility

Our most important resource is the knowledge, skills and commitment of our employees, branding Stellar as your trusted partner in the field of high-end telecommunications technology.

It is not only our fiber that is diverse. We benefit from our international team and foster its diversity. To ensure sustainability and quality, we invest time in our employees' skills and training and believe in each employees' potential to achieve great things. We know that the success of our business is entirely dependent on our people. In addition, we invest in our employees' physical health by promoting healthy diets and physical activities.

We are proud of our diverse team and its commitment.

Corporate Compliance

The implementation of legislation requires and international standards is just as natural for us as loyalty to our customers. Our company-wide Compliance Management System (CMS) ensures compliance with all existing regulations apply to us.

First of all we put our focus on our team. We motivate our employees to take action against infringements, corruption and lacks of security, and to speak openly about deficits and potentials for optimization. Each employee is able to contact the company management directly, if violations against this Code of Conduct are suspected.

Our code of conduct is available for download. Please contact our Chief Compliance Officer if you have any questions on our compliance regulations.

Corporate Trade Compliance

Stellar operates only with partners, who are proven reliable and offer the best quality. The trust of our customers is very important to us. After all, our success reflects the quality of our partners.

Our long-standing partnerships with our various partners are based on open communications and direct exchange of information. In addition, we regularly check the quality of our partner's services and service equipment to ensure a reliable cooperation.

If you have any questions relating to our partners, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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