Stellar is a full featured teleport service provider specialized in connecting America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Pacific.

Our Experience is to operate bi-directional IP and digital TV distribution platforms. Our passion is to provide turnkey satellite and fiber based communication solutions combining latest and well proven technologies supported by our dedicated and highly responsive team.

Today we pride ourselves on our long-term relationships with the many customers whose businesses have flourished with our support.

We believe in our customers’ success and measure our own success by that.

"Our customers come from five continents and demand solutions in some of the most remote locations on earth."

Christian Steffen is the founder and CEO of Stellar PCS GmbH, which received the Teleport of the Year Award from the World Teleport Association.

Since 1998, we have become a leading innovator in the design, implementation, and operation of bi-directional data and television broadcasting networks.

Stellar has expanded its service portfolio to include a variety of platforms for bi-directional satellite Internet service to satisfy the growing demand for Internet access in remote locations and the developing world. As one of the most experienced operators and hosts of hub-based data platforms, Stellar helped pave the way for satellite IP and became a full Internet service provider with its own autonomous system (AS) registry and TIER-1 capabilities.

Our Cologne-Huerth teleport, built in 2001, continues to grow in terms of the number of large earth station antennas, as well as the range of services offered. Highly secure and reliable data networks and global inflight communications are now core of our business, alongside our traditional services of satellite-based digital TV services and data distribution platforms.

We continue to invest in our teleport infrastructure and in our employees, who have made Stellar one of Europe’s most successful private teleports.

Stellar History

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